Clinics, tournaments & club news-- 2008-2009



 Nutmeg State Games, August 2009

 Charlie (2nd), Cody (1st), Skylar (3rd) & Ryan (2nd)

New England Championships, June 2009

Joan (2nd), Skylar (1st), Bradley (3rd).

Not pictured:  Cody (1st), Cameron (3rd) 


Junior Promotions

July 2009

Katie, Nick, Mathias, Liam 

not pictured:  Tanzy 




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YMCA International Training Camp, August 2009

Maitland & Xavier win Walter Ing Memorial Scholarships

Jim Bregman, Kudan

Shingitai Annual Training Camp & Convention, May 2009

Bill Montgomery receives the Shingitai Jujitsu Association's Lifetime Achievement Award  

John Saylor, Bill ("Bull") Montgomery & Steve Scott 


April 2008:  Norwich Judo Dojo places 2nd as a team at the Connecticut State Judo Championships!   


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