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Holiday Special Offer

Give the gift of fitness, confidence, self-defense, and FUN

with a GIFT CERTIFICATE to Norwich Judo Dojo

 Our children’s judo classes are active and engaging, and designed so that young minds and bodies quickly grasp the basics of this martial art.  Building self-confidence and discipline are natural products of our approach. 

 Our teen/adult classes include both judo and Shingitai jujitsu.  You may enjoy the sport, self-defense, or fitness benefits of both of these classes for one monthly fee.

         ACT NOW and you may choose from the following special offers:        

One month of unlimited classes plus a complete Judo uniform

$ 75 for children (ages 7-12)

$ 89 for teens

$ 99 for adults


THREE months of unlimited classes plus a complete Judo uniform

$ 150 for children (ages 7-12)

$ 189 for teens

$ 199 for adults

New members only - - must enroll by 1/31/11

For more information, please call us at (860) 917-6318 or (860) 334-3347