First Friday Judo Workouts

 First Friday workouts:

         January 4, 2008   guest instructor:  Master Moon

         February 1, 2008   guest instructor:  Chris Zusi


Hosted by:  Lou Nogueira


Where:  The Dojo Martial Arts Training Center, 16 Townline Road, Unit F, Wolcott, CT.

             (this is the building just after the former Waterbury Judo Club)

             The Dojo features a 2,300 sq. ft. mat area with brand new tatami mats,

             and men's & women's changing/locker rooms.


When: 7:30 — 9:30 p.m., Friday October 5, 2007

                   Please come early and be dressed/ready to begin at 7:30.


Mat Fee:      $10


Who should attend:  Any teen & adult judoka, from advanced players to

those with a good foundation of basic skills. 


You will have the opportunity to work out with a variety of judoka from other clubs!  The class format will include:

«     a brief warm-up

«     30 min. of active technical practice with selected, rotating instructors.

«     approximately 75 min. of randori (newaza & tachiwaza)

«     a final cool-down/stretch


**  A social event will follow the workout.  **


If you have questions please contact:

«     Louis Noguiera:  LOU@THEDOJOONLINE.COM    203-879-9800


      Please forward this message to any interested parties.

           We look forward to seeing you there!