About Us




   Head Instructor:

Bill Montgomery, Rokudan (6th degree black belt)

USJA Certified Coach

Senior Instructor & Godan (6th degree black belt), Shingitai Jujitsu Association



  Assistant Instructor:

  Joan Love, Yodan  (4th degree black belt)


USJF Certified Coach

Instructor & Nidan (2nd degree black belt), Shingitai Jujitsu Association


  • Has over 40 years experience teaching judo at all levels, from children to international athletes
  • Former Chair of the USJA Coaching Education Committee and member of the USJA Board of Directors (2010-2013); conducts coaching certification program at the YMCA International Judo Camp
  • Developed a unique training system using concepts he learned while training under world- renowned judo men:

          Jim Bregman, first American to win Bronze Medals in the

               Olympics and World Championships.

          Ben Campbell, 1964 Olympic Judo Team, many times

               National Champion & the creator of judo drill training.

          Anton Geesink, first non-Japanese World Champion &

               Olympic Gold Medalist.

          Geoffrey Gleeson, British National Coach and pioneer in judo

               coaching methods;  author of  numerous innovative books on

               judo including Judo for the West.





  • USJF Certified Coach
  • National Masters Champion, 4 years (2004-2007);  USA Judo Masters Best Technique Award (2004), USA Judo Most Inspirational Female Masters player (2006)
  • World Masters Silver Medalist, 2005
  • USJA Outstanding Female Masters Competitor, 2005
  • Certified by USABA to coach the visually impaired
  • Certified Regional Referee